35% Silver War Nickels

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35% Silver War Nickels

Today, 35% Silver war nickels have begun to attract attention from collectors and investors of all kinds. Produced by the United States from mid-1942 to 1945, these "War Nickels" were made from 56% Copper, 35% Silver, and 9% manganese. By saving the nickel metal, the government was able to use that metal for the production of military supplies during World War II.

War Nickel Values

Unlike regular nickels, the war nickels have a slightly different coloration and a mint mark that appears above Monticello on the coin's reverse. The mint marks that appear on the war nickels include: "S" for the San Francisco Mint, "D" for the Denver Mint and "P" for the Philadelphia Mint. In fact, the war nickel was the first coin that featured the Philadelphia mark, since the absence of a mark on coins usually designated Philadelphia as the place of mintage until 1979.
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