Biblical Series

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Rimless Unique Coin Design

The unique rimless design on these coins allows the coin designs to fill out the field of the coin instead of being cut off. This is a unique instance for these coins because they put the Biblical Commemorative coins in full engaging display for the world to see. Rimless designs are not used on many coin series and are very rare in terms of coin design. The rimless design is a unique feature that can be found on the Bible coins. You will see the design in its fullest beauty on these rimless design coins.

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Capture the beauty and drama of these well-known stories beautifully depicted on these impressive Silver Bible coins. There will be only 1,499 biblical coins minted for each story, so don't delay. New coins will be added here, so be sure to check back often to add the latest releases to your own set. You can choose from a large selection of Bible coins that are perfect for yourself or as a gift.
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