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Gold Currency from the British Royal Mint

It is clear that the Royal Mint has a long history of producing coinage for Great Britain, and here you can find many examples of these coins. Gold sovereign coins from the British Royal Mint have been struck every year since 650 C.E. At that time there were several mints across the country. Around 1540, the remaining mints closed and the Royal Mint we know today was the only left in operation. In 1663, striking coins by hand was finally abandoned with the introduction of screw presses and horse-drawn rolling mills.

A History Lesson Through Sovereign Coins

Collecting Gold sovereign coins from the British Royal Mint gives you a peek into the nation's rich history. Designed with portraits of royalty and stature, to look back at this historic currency almost reflects a timeline of Western civilization. When you add these coins to your collection, you introduce Precious Metals value, as well as collectible intrigue.
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