Early Silver Dollars (1794-1839)

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Bust Silver Dollars
Intended to replace the Spanish Eight Reales and Spanish Milled Dollar coins that freely circulated in the newly-formed United States, these large Silver coins were in great demand in the early days of our nation, struck from1794 to 1839, and supply could barely match the demand.

Early Dated Silver Dollars

Early Silver Dollars comprise Flowing Hair, Draped Bust (Small Eagle) and Draped Bust (Heraldic Eagle) types. The Early Dollars category has the distinction of including two of the rarest United States coins ever minted - the 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar and the 1804 Silver Dollar. The first struck 1794 Silver Dollar is currently valued at $10 million dollars, while all 1804 Silver Dollars are rare and are generally worth over $1 million each. However, you can add examples of Bust Dollars to your collection for generally less than $5,000. These 18th and early 19th century Silver coins are always some of the most popular of all numismatic collectibles.
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