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MCB Condemns Terrorist Attacks across the World


     We, the undersigned Masajid Coordination Board (MCB), Imams and community leaders, reiterate that terrorist acts are utterly criminal, totally reprehensible, and absolutely un-Islamic. There can never be any excuse for the taking of innocent lives, and terrorism has absolutely no sanction in Islam. Nor is there any justification whatsoever in our noble religion for such evil actions. Our message is unambiguous: the authors of terrorist attacks and bombings are criminals, and we should not accept their justifications, whether ideological, religious or political. Our position has been consistent; it is anchored on solid religious, moral, and civic grounds. We express our sincere condolences to all victims’ families for the loss of their loved ones. 


Sincerely MCB Board Members:

  1. American Moslem Society

  2. Dearborn Community Center (Masjid Asalam)

  3. Iman Islamic Complex (Masjid Moath)

  4. Islamic Center of Detroit

  5. Al-Huda Islamic Association

  6. American Muslim bekka Center

  7. Islamic Center of Melvindale

  8. American Moslem Society of Coldwater

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