How to Buy Precious Metals?

Key Factors in How to Buy Precious Metals

  • How easy/difficult your purchasing method is
  • How pricing terminology influences your purchase consideration
  • Why shopping for Precious Metals with APMEX is the easiest and best overall way
  • What storage methods are right for your investments

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After considering why, how much, and what Precious Metals products to buy, an investor’s next step is how to buy them. Gold and Silver are different than your typical investments. While buying Precious Metals can be important for investing, it can also be a fun shopping experience. One guideline for buying Precious Metals is to keep the buying process as simple as possible. Plus, one should only buy them from respectable retailers with longstanding credibility for quality, like APMEX.

Before buying Precious Metals products, though, you should understand how they are priced. Here are a few terms to know and how they deal with pricing.

  • Spot: Spot prices are set by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and change minute-by-minute throughout the trading day.
  • AskA spot selling price is called the ask.
  • BidA bid price is the price market makers will pay for Precious Metals.
  • PremiumA premium is added to the ask price to cover the cost of manufacturing and distribution. For example, when you see “$0.99 per ounce over spot,” the premium per ounce is $0.99.
  • SpreadThe spread is the difference between the buy price and the sell price.

When buying Gold and Silver, you should know your pricing terms, market conditions and variables in the Precious Metals market.

APMEX has been in business for more than 20 years, using their exclusive partnerships with Sovereign Mints and private mints from around the world to buy more Gold and Silver than any other online Precious Metals retailer. APMEX also maintains direct partnerships with coin and bullion companies across the country. Plus, they have a Shopper Approved® rating of 4.9 out of five stars from thousands of satisfied customers. APMEX also has kept an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau since April 2004.

Here are some things to know as you begin investing in Precious Metals.

Shopping With APMEX

When you buy Precious Metals from APMEX, you can shop with confidence. Since opening its doors in 2000, APMEX remains one of the largest sources of Precious Metals in the industry, providing buying and selling services and educational resources. At APMEX, we always put our customers’ needs first.

Since there are countless Precious Metals products for sale, choosing which ones to invest in is a very personal decision. Some simply want Gold or Silver coins, rounds or bars, while others look for products which are valuable because of their mintage, design or other qualities. APMEX offers all these choices and much, much more.

With APMEX, buying Precious Metals is as easy as choosing your product, placing it in your cart, and proceeding to checkout. You may want to purchase more Precious Metals if you wish to:

  • Hold onto physical assets not necessarily listed with your paper investments.
  • Provide a gift of significant value to loved ones or others.
  • Hold extra protection against events that may upset financial markets.
  • Buy collectible coins for their beauty, history or other intangible factors.

APMEX also accepts a variety of payment options, ranging from paper checks to bank wires to even Bitcoin. Plus, buyers can trust in the security of their purchases, due to APMEX’s use of Single-Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. Which mean’s that buyers’ private information is protected against unauthorized access and is never sold to third-party vendors.

At APMEX, when a product is on hand, its shipping time is unusually fast. You can set alerts for various products that might not currently be available at the time that you are looking to purchase, however we will notify you once they become available again. You can also pre-order several different products, which will ship to you at a predesignated time.

Consider Storage Methods

Many investors keep secure storage of their Precious Metals in a safe or safety deposit box. If you prefer to store your investments at home or in a bank, APMEX supplies will protect them from damage. Or you can choose private storage in a high security facility with Citadel, an APMEX subsidiary in partnership with the Brink’s Company.

Selling to APMEX

If an investor decides to sell Gold and Silver or even rare coins or currency, APMEX has them covered, as well. Featuring a one-day payment processing guarantee and competitive pricing – including a price lock when sold over the phone – APMEX makes it easy and safe to sell Gold and Silver.

You have read many reasons why APMEX is the trusted name in the Precious Metals industry for Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium. APMEX boasts the highest accolades from business organizations (and customers), offers the largest inventory in the business, and makes buying and selling Gold and Silver simple and secure.

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