Liberty Seated Dollars (1840-1873)

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With Liberty Dollar coins and other valuable coins, create an enviable collection.

Collecting Seated Liberty Dollar coins can be a lot of fun – and even more enjoyable when you see it as part of a larger collection of vintage U.S. coins. These American Silver dollars are just one of the many U.S. Silver coins you will want to have in your collection. Pair these Liberty Silver Dollars with other Silver dollars like early certified Silver dollars from 1794-1804 or Morgan Dollars from 1878-1904. Other popular vintage Silver coins that will round out your collection of vintage U.S. coins include Mercury Dimes from 1916-1945, 20 Cent Pieces from 1874-1878 and a variety of nickels from the 1800s and 1900s. With these U.S. coins, you will have a beautiful display of American history.

Collectors of Liberty Dollar coins can also create collections of Lady Liberty coins from past and present. Display these Seated Liberty Dollar Silver coins with other vintage coins like 19th Century Silver Trade Dollars that feature a seated Liberty on bales of cotton and early 20th Century Gold $20 Saint Gaudens Double Eagles with Lady Liberty striding in front of the sun’s rays at dawn of a new day. Or pair these Seated Liberty Dollars with new beautiful Silver Eagle coins that feature flag-draped Lady Liberty walking gracefully as the sun rises over a ridge. With these Liberty Silver coins proudly displayed, you will show off your love of history and art.

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