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Appreciate Canada's rich history with Commemorative Gold Coins

Find Royal Canadian Mint Commemorative Gold coins and your favorite modern Royal Canadian Mint Gold products that span from historical Gold coins to the fierce Alpha Wolf Coins, featuring a stunning image of Canada's iconic wildlife. Consider a Canadian Gold coin that pays tribute to world history, such as the WW2 Canadian commemorative coin featuring an honorable display of a training session with heavy machine guns on the reverse. Or perhaps a Gold coin that appreciates the bold landscapes of Canada's rich horizon, such as the Kaleidoscope of Color coin that boasts stunning autumn colors on its reverse. From the Royal Canadian Mint Alpha Wolf Coins to the precious Maple Leaf series, these commemorative Gold coins pay tribute to Canada's rich history.

With limited mintages, Commemorative Gold coins require proper protection, storage and display. Store Canadian Gold coins in acrylic air-tight holders available in a variety of sizes, ideal for preserving the coin's condition while featuring a clear casing so the coin can still be enjoyed. Consider giving Alpha Wolf Canadian Mint Coins as a gift. Many of these valuable Canadian Commemorative coins come packaged with a beautiful wood gift box, featuring an air-tight seal and gasket for display.

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Royal Canadian Mint Production Technology

Royal Canadian Mint Production Technology

The Finest Gold Coins Ever Minted

The Finest Gold Coins Ever Minted

Royal Canadian Mint’s Bullion DNA Program

Royal Canadian Mint’s Bullion DNA Program

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