Silver Certificates (Large Size)

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History of the Silver Certificate Dollar Bill

The first series consisted of $10 and $1,000 notes of the 1878 and 1880 series. The second included $1 through $1,000 notes of the 1886, 1891 and 1908 series. The third series contained $1, $2 and $5 notes of the 1896 series. The fourth was made up of $1, $2 and $5 notes of the 1899 series. The fifth series consisted of $1 and $5 notes of the 1923 series.

The 1896 'Educational Series' notes, the 'Black Eagle' note, the 'Silver Dollar' reverse, and the 'Porthole' note are some of our nation's most beautiful notes. The 1923 Silver Certificate looks very similar to our current $1 bill.
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