State Tax Information

Precious Metals Tax Rules and Regulation by State

Click on your state in the map below to see how sales tax may affect your APMEX order. Remember to check the state where your order will be shipped, not necessarily the state where you live. Please note we are not currently collecting sales tax in all states, but this may change in the future as sales tax laws expand.

U.S. States

States Where We Currently Collect Sales Tax

We are currently charging sales tax in some form on orders shipped to the following states:

  • Buying products from APMEX

    When shopping online with APMEX, you may be required to pay state and local sales tax on your purchase, depending on a few variables. First of all, you may be taxed on only part of your order or on your total order. Secondly, the tax rate you pay may vary. Both of these factors depend on the address where we will be shipping your order. Since the laws and tax rates are not consistent across the county or in some cases even within the same state, we have created an interactive guide to help you research your state’s sales tax rules and regulations. This way, you can be prepared in advance of any taxes you may see during the APMEX checkout process. Remember, the sales tax is dependent on your shipping address, not necessarily your home or billing address. If you are storing or shipping your product to a state other than where you reside, make sure you check the sales tax rates for that location. This information is provided to assist with any questions you may have. Please be aware rules can change and if you have any specific questions, you may want to consult your tax professional or the state in which you are shipping your product.

  • Why the change in tax collection?

    In 1992, the Supreme Court of the United States set a precedent for how individual states would deal with retailers in the case of Quill Corp v. North Dakota (“Quill”). The court ruled in favor of Quill Corp, noting the company did not need to collect tax on sales in North Dakota as they had no physical presence within the state.

    However, on June 21, 2018, the Supreme Court announced a decision that changed the 1992 precedent set in Quill. In South Dakota v. Wayfair Inc, the state of South Dakota argued it was losing out on local sales taxes with more and more consumers shopping online rather than in brick-and-mortar stores.

    Now, online retailers have to adapt to the varying state sales tax rules and regulations across the United States. At APMEX, we are working to make this transition easy, especially as we begin enforcing the tax laws of an increasing number of states. We hope our interactive map will help in clearing up any potential confusion. If you have specific questions, you may want to contact your tax professional.

  • How APMEX is helping you understand state sales tax

    In a perfect world, the sales tax laws would be uniform, with each state requiring the same amount of tax be collected on all the same products. Of course, that is not the case. First of all, APMEX is only collecting sales tax for orders shipped within certain states. Among those states, some charge sales tax only on Jewelry or non-Precious Metals items (such as tubes or capsules). Other states require tax collection regardless of the items included in the order.

    At APMEX, we encourage you to use our interactive map before you buy so you know exactly what you will be charged on your purchase. We strive to offer transparent pricing across our site and these sales tax charges are no different. Our goal is to clear up any potential confusion so you have a better idea of how much you will be spending on your favorite Precious Metal items. Remember to check the map for the state where your order will be shipped, not necessarily the state where you live.

    When checking out on, all taxable items, and the total associated tax, will be clearly displayed once you have entered your shipping address and shipping method. If applicable, non-taxable items will also be displayed.

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